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Welcome to this web site which has its main purpose helping you succeed in High School Mathematics.

This site is run by R.Barrett,Head of Mathematics at Rutherford High School 1980-1986, Head of Mathematics at Auckland Grammar School 1986-1991, Head of Mathematics at Macleans College 2004-2009.

In 2011 this site was in a very different form and only catered for the external level 1 achievement standards.

This year the site will provide resources which can be used by most senior secondary school students of Mathematics in New Zealand.

Resources will be available for Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13.and will include material for internal standards

With the massively increasing incidence of the Cambridge courses there will be material specifically created for the many students doing them as in my opinion much Cambridge material is vastly superior to equivalent NCEA . 

There is a link which shows how to use the CFX9750 calculator. A widely used graphical calculator.

How to use this web site

No matter where you are if you click on Home then you will be brought back to this page.

Clicking on a topic of interest, shown on the left, will lead to a page from which you can go to a particular sub-topic which you may be interested in or your teacher might have said was of importance. For instructions on how to use the tests click here.

The resources use Mathml which can easily be read if your browser is Firefox or Safari. Users of Internet Explorer must have version 6 or higher with Math Player installed.

Download MathPlayer Setup

To install MathPlayer, download MathPlayer's Setup program and run it. The link below will download a file called MathPlayerSetup.exe. Make a note of where you download it to your computer. Once the download has completed, run MathPlayerSetup.exe. If your browser offers to "Open this file once downloaded", click Open. Otherwise use Windows Explorer to open the download folder, and then double-click MathPlayerSetup.exe.

Download MathPlayer Setup

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