Mcat Practice Examination based on 2015 paper

Students can practise on the entire exam by clicking on the link to Q1a then when they have finished question 1a clicking on the 'Next Question' arrow.
This should be done each time a new question part is desired.
The last question is Q3f. When you have finished this you go back to Question 1a by clicking on the 'Next Question' arrow.
If you use the back arrows of your browser you may need to do a page refresh in order for content to show.

The best way to use this resource is to do practices on paper and check as to your mark for each question part. This is done by clicking on the button with a question mark labelled 'Solution'. Be sure to record it.
Generally if you can get to the point where you're getting more than two Es you should get E overall.
Even though this examination has been made more difficult than in the past you can still do well if you practisehere and get as many practice papers as you can and work through them.
Good luck.